Agreements with companies

Many lawyers at your disposal… always!

Entrepreneurs know how many issues they have to face every day: problems with staff, insolvency, banks, public institutions, tax bills, etc. Entrepreneurs often face all their business problems on their own, because of the heavy cost of lawyers and consultants and of the time necessary to find the right professional for every circumstance: labor lawyers, tax attorneys, labor consultants, accountants, etc.
Ameco has the right solution for you! In fact, Ameco offers its team of professionals at a fixed monthly fee, who will intervene in case of any doubt or issue (both judicial and extrajudicial).

What is the advantage of an agreement?

  • Professional costs with no surprises!
  • No longer need to deal with situations beyond your competence.
  • Reduce your stress, because you will always feel assisted.
  • More time and serenity to devote yourself to your business.
  • Prevention of many problems (thanks to fair contracts, informed decisions and 360-degree consultations).
  • Scientific risk management.
  • Reduction in the cost of staff (our professionals are also specialized in the application of subsidised regulations).
  • Financial and tax planning.
  • Continuous updating of regulatory changes.

How much does the agreement cost?

It depends on the size of your company and on the initial situation (that is, if there are already pending suits). Indicatively, the cost is significantly lower than that of a secretary.

What does the agreement cover?

  • Unlimited telephone consultations.
  • Unlimited mail assistance for every issue with legal implications.
  • Opinions on legal and tax issues.
  • Assistance in case of inspections by Italian public institutions (Inps, Inail, Cassa Edile, Guarda di Finanza, Agenzia delle Entrate, Direzione del lavoro, USL etc.).
  • Revision of outstanding contracts (employment contracts, procurement contracts, supply contracts, contracts with banks, mortgages etc.) with final report on risk clauses, criticism, and improvement proposals.
  • Unlimited assistance with judicial and extrajudicial debt collection (of any amount).
  • Three free-of-charge lawsuits per year in any field  (to be used by the company, by individuals or other affiliated companies, as indicated by the legal representative).
  • Check on income statements , VAT and relevant interim phases, Dm10 and Uniemens forms for contributions, even if prepared by external professionals.
  • International consulting in English.

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