Tax bills

Have you received a tax bill or a debit notice?

Do not waste time and check it out for free with our staff if they can be challenged.

Is your company under inspection?

Let us help you: we will take care of your problems

If you have received a tax bill or a debit notice, do not underestimate the situation. Time to challenge them is pressing.


  • 20 days if you want to contest the notification or other formal defects
  • 40 days for Inps’ debit notices only for the case
  • 60 days for the tax bills issued by tax authorities

Please check the following:

  • Is the authority’s credit amount prescribed?
  • Was the notification made correctly or are there any notification faults?
  • Is the amount due?

Sara Calzi, Lawyer expert in fiscal, social security and tax law, has published a detailed easy-to- read handbook to address the various doubts (you can consult it here). It is certainly important not to turn yourself into a professional and to be assisted, especially if the value of the tax bills / debit notices is high.

In that same handbook Sara Calzi offers advice in case your company is undergoing an inspection: what are your rights and what can happen?

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